In 2000, a small group of elite riders from Team Psycho made the inaugural B2B ride after Harpoon opened a second brewery in Windsor, VT.  A SAG wagon, armed with water, tires, tubes, and some tools, was the only support.  Upon arriving in Windsor, a keg (well, maybe more than just one keg) was rolled out from the brewery for the post ride celebration.  Since that time, the field of cyclists has grown, the course has been lengthened, and the vertical increased.  In 2014, the B2B became the B2VT and a new, tougher course was unveiled. The spirit, however, has remained the same: a tough, bare bones ride with the rewards of camraderie and a great party at the finish.

If you do not think you’re tough enough to complete the 148 miles and 9,000 feet of climbing this ride has in store…you’re probably right. While we support our riders with world-class neutral road support, stocked water stops run by amazing volunteers, and skilled road crew, we expect everyone to ride unassisted and finish under their own power.

You in? Let’s ride.